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Anti-Idle Presentations Print

Hudson TMA staff will come to your organization and present a brief presentation on the dangers of idling. This is a serious problem which affects everyone. Many people idle their vehicle without thinking of the long term harm. Nearly everyone who drives has probably done so at least once. You may have noticed someone idling when they may not need to. Examples are a parent waiting to pick up thier child from a scouting meeting or dance class, or a truck warming up in the morning or parked with the engine running between deliveries. Unnecessary idling causes the release of a variety of pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other chemicals that form ground-level ozone and contribute to global warming. These pollutants aggravate respiratory ailments, cause lung damage, and lead to cancer. To have the TMA come to your next meeting email or call us today at (201) 324-6222.

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