Traffic Alerts

A high volume of cars, adverse weather conditions, accidents, construction, police activity, water main breaks and over-turned tractor trailers are just some of the causes of congestion we face each day when commuting. Avoid the traffic when you can by having the most complete and up to date information available.

Traffic alerts can be sent to you daily, in real time. It is a free service and you can unsubscribe whenever you wish. The alerts are directly e-mailed to you as soon as we receive them from the state related agencies. You can choose the routes and times that you travel most so you can be easily alerted before or during your commute.

If you do not wish to receive the emailed alerts, but you want the information handy, try our new App. The alerts are retrieved when you want them. The process takes less than a second on most mobile devices.

If you like, you can use both methods of delivery. Set the most traveled route during the week as an email alert and use the App for any alternate or less frequented routes. You could also have the App set with common routes for times you travel when you are not working, like the weekend.

To sign up for your emailed free traffic alerts, click here.

To view our link to real time traffic cameras, click here.

See all of today’s alerts for all routes.

Screen shots of the TAS App:

hudson-county-traffic-alerts traffic-alerts



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