Employee Transit Fairs

Among the services performed by a TMA, the Transit Fair is the most requested. To keep up to date with new routes and programs, NJ businesses schedule Transit Fairs with their TMA once or twice a year. Employer’s benefit when the TMA helps employees find the best way to commute.

At no cost, the Hudson TMA will host a Transit Fair at your location providing all of the information required to make the employees’ commute a better experience for everyone. A small table in the company lunch room, cafeteria, or lobby will be set up during the lunch hour(s).  Transit schedules, maps, carpool and vanpool applications, traffic alert subscriptions, and information on our incentive program Emergency Ride Home will be available for the convenience of the employees. They will be able to access the State-wide Rideshare Database to seek carpool or vanpool participants who live near where they live and work near where they work.

The Hudson TMA comes equipped with the right information to move businesses and our commuters along the best path in Hudson County. Financial incentives and subsidies are available for the employer as well as for the employee. As businesses continue to partner with their local TMAs, our communities will benefit by enjoying a decrease in traffic congestion and toxic emissions. Employees often appreciate the effort the employer has made to bringing transit information directly to them. An easier commute helps the employee start off the day with a more positive attitude.

To receive more information or to schedule a Transit Fair at your location call (201) 324-6222 or email the TMA.

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