CarFree Week

Go Car Free | New Jersey Hudson Transit Management Association

CarFree Day or CarFree Week is an annual event which is hosted in major cities all over the world. Travelers are asked to go either CarFree or Car-lite for at least one day during a designated week, usually in September. It encourages everyone to cut down on the pollution caused by cars by using alternate modes of transportation. It is also an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the impact that cars can have on our environment.

Each year, the Hudson TMA asks Hudson County commuters and residents to participate in the movement by pledging to go CarFree or Car-lite. So many not only meet the challenge, but continue the effort throughout the year by walking, biking, or taking mass transit as often as possible.

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This year, CarFree Week has ended. However, we ask that you not only make the greener choice during this week, but as often as you can during the year. The campaign will be back September 2020, so please consider taking the pledge now to support our community in making greener choices on how we travel so we can better our environment and health.

Pledge for 2020

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