Hudson Bike School

Once the training wheels come off, the bicycle is transformed from a toy to a vehicle. Children may learn how to pedal and balance, but are they learning the best methods and the safest way to ride?

A complete bicycling curriculum has been developed for use in our elementary schools. This curriculum can become part of your school’s physical education program at no cost to your school district. Staff from the Hudson TMA will train your physical education teachers and provide the curriculum. A fleet of bikes will also be loaned to your school for the children to use as part of their gym class. Again, the entire program is free.

Many school districts in Hudson County have been participating in the Hudson Bike School program and the children love it. The Hudson TMA hopes that the Hudson Bike School will encourage more children to bike more often and more safely. To learn more or request for the program to come to your school, contact us at:

Hudson TMA
830 Bergen Ave., 9th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Phone: (201) 324-6222

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Bike School in Action

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