Sharing the ride in a carpool has benefited travelers since the invention of the automobile. Carpooling serves two to five persons and is more often utilized as a convenient and money saving mode to commute to and from work.

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Carpooling in Hudson County, NJ

There are three ways to participate in a carpool:

  1. You may join an existing carpool you have learned about at work.
  2. You can form a carpool when you learn of one or more co-workers who live near you and work within the same hours as you.
  3. If you do not know of anyone who could carpool with you, then you can find individuals who live and work near you and are looking to share a ride by accessing the NJ Rideshare Database via our Rideshare Matchlist Application. The process is quick, easy and free.

Ridesharing Advantages 

  • lower fuel costs
  • reduced vehicle wear and cost of maintenance 
  • money saved on parking and tolls
  • less traffic, which equals less stress and fatigue 
  • additional quality time to read or relax while en-route 
  • fewer cars on the road, which means less pollution

To seek potential carpoolers, complete the online Rideshare Application which will access the secured TMA Rideshare Database of over 25,000 individuals. Remember, your access to this information is always free. Upon completion, you will be notified by email of a list of potential drivers or passengers who live and work close to you. Some may already be carpooling and you may have an opportunity to join them or some are like you, looking for a carpool and may wish to form a carpool with you. Contact them at your own convenience and take the first step in making the “smart commute.”

If you are already carpooling or have a carpool partner ready to go, then register your carpool now. Registration is free. Need an emergency ride home? Sign up for the Emergency Ride Home program

Carpooling is EASY when you follow the Hudson TMA’s HELPFUL HINTS!

  • Call the people on the match list (enclosed). Leave yourself enough time (2-3 weeks) to find someone with whom you would like to share a ride.
  • Most people like to arrange a personal meeting first; it helps you to decide if your potential carpool partner is compatible. If smoking or age are important considerations, let your concerns be known.
  • Start out on a trial basis. Agree to try the ridesharing arrangement for one month. If things don’t work out, try another person from your match list which we provided, or call us to send you an updated match list (no charge).
  • Decide where and when to meet your rideshare partner. It may be convenient to be picked up at your front door, or possibly meet at a central location such as a park and ride.
  • Agree on rules for waiting times, side trips and expenses. Non-drivers should contribute toward expenses. If the driving is shared, the exchange of money may not be necessary.
  • Keep your rideshare partner’s phone number handy so you can notify him/her in the event you get sick, your schedule changes, etc. Establish notification procedures in the event of illness, car trouble, bad weather, etc.
  • Keep copies of current train and bus schedules in case your rideshare partner gets sick or his/her schedule changes.

If your carpool grows and the capacity may exceed four passengers, you may consider graduating to a vanpool. For additional assistance, call our staff directly at 201-324-6222 or email

Contact us for assistance with this or any Hudson TMA program.
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