The Hudson TMA encourages the use of carpools and vanpools to help reduce congestion of our roads and highways. It is a win-win for everyone. By participating in a carpool or vanpool, a commuter can save thousands of dollars per year. The ever-rising commuter costs such as gas and tolls are shared while saving money on lowered insurance rates and less wear and tear on the vehicle. More importantly, studies show that those who drive alone experience higher blood pressure, fatigue, stress, mood swings and have a lowered resistance to illness. Carpooling and vanpooling allow commuters to enjoy the company, take advantage of the time, and enjoy the ride.

If you are already carpooling or have a carpool partner ready to go, then register your carpool now. Registration is free. Need an emergency ride home? Sign up for the Emergency Ride Home program.

If you are not carpooling, but you would like to, the TMA will help. The problem most people have are not knowing individuals with whom they can carpool. The TMA can help you find individuals who live and work near you and are looking to share a ride by accessing the NJ Rideshare Database via our Rideshare Matchlist Application. The process is quick, easy and free. See below.

Carpooling in Hudson County, NJ

Four people carpooling

The Rideshare Program

To begin, complete the online Rideshare Application which will access the New Jersey secured TMA Rideshare Database of over 25,000 individuals. Remember, your access to this information is always free. Upon completion, we will notify you by mail and email of a list of potential drivers or passengers who live and work close to you. Contact them at your own convenience and take the first step in making the “smart commute.”

For helpful hints on what to do when you contact individuals from your matchlist, click here.

Once you start carpooling you must register your carpool. Registration is free and you will automatically be eligible for our free incentive benefits.

For additional assistance, call our staff directly at 201-324-6222 or email. View our Carpool brochure.

Hudson TMA Vanpooling

Contact us for assistance with this or any Hudson TMA program.
Call 201.324.6222 or contact us via e-mail.