Hudson County Transit Map

Hudson County has many bus lines, train and ferry routes. Whichever way you decide to travel, we’ve made it easy for you to plan your trip with our new interactive digital map, developed by the Hudson County Office of Digital Information.

Hudson County NJ, Digital Interactive Transit Map

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Here are instructions on how to navigate it:

Step one:

Use the tabs along the top to choose what type of transit you would like to see.

Step two:

A table will appear on the left listing all the routes for that mode of transportation. You can scroll though the list and choose a route to appear on the map.

Step three:

To learn more about that route, click on it again, but on the left side . To see the route’s timetable, click “View” next to “Schedule Link.”

Take me to the map

If needed, below is a list of phone numbers and website links for the various transit services in Hudson. For more information or assistance contact the Hudson TMA at 201-324-6222 or email at

Contact us for assistance with this or any Hudson TMA program.
Call 201.324.6222 or contact us via e-mail at