Community Fairs

Participation in community orientated events provides the TMA the opportunity to extend our message of better walkways, bikeways, and the reduction in the use of single occupancy vehicles. The Hudson TMA is proud to support organizations and local grass roots efforts aimed at improving our quality of life.

Each year the Hudson TMA can be seen at the Union City Arts Festival, Union City Festival National Night Out, Union City Environmental & Wellness Fair, HCIA Earth Day, Weehawken Day, HCIA Clean Community, Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, Hoboken YMCA Health Fair, Fall Festival at Lincoln High School – Jersey City, Environmental Fair of Lincoln High School – Jersey City, and Meadowfest at Laurel Hill Park –Secaucus.

If you would like your TMA to speak at a group function or meeting or provide an information table at an appropriate event call us at 201-324-6222 or email us.

Think Green | Hudson Transit Management Association

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