Shuttle and Vanpool Programs

Employer Sponsored Shuttles

The Hudson TMA can assist in forming shuttles sponsored by the employer, which may cover either short or long distances. Our experienced staff will plan all of the logistical work and our software specialists will produce customized maps specific to your company. The TMA, as a liaison to transit agencies, can determine the best link to current transit routes. Furthermore, the Hudson TMA can assist businesses in locating a private shuttle operator and determining the cost of a shuttle program. Hudson can further help by outreaching to other area businesses to share the expense.

Employer Sponsored Vanpools

An alternative to the shuttle is the less expensive vanpool.  The employer can help subsidize an employee driven van which is leased by the employee to commute with 6 to 14 other passengers per trip. In addition to the subsidy by the employer, the vanpool can qualify for subsidies provided by the TMA and NJ Transit. The Hudson TMA will assist in developing the program as well as determining the costs and the percentage of sponsorship that is right for the employer. The TMA will also provide a registered  vanpool with the HTMA Vanpool Start-up Subsidy and the HTMA Empty Van Seat Subsidy.When financial subsidies are not at all possible, the employer can work with the TMA encouraging employees to participate in non-subsidized carpools or vanpools. Participation in carpools and any vanpool allows the participants to be eligible for several of our incentive programs such as Emergency Ride Home. Our Rideshare Database will match potential car/vanpoolers with other car/vanpoolers who live near where they live and work near where they work.

To receive more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your options email or call the TMA at (201) 324-6222.

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Commuter vanpool

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