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You may have one or more alert profiles. A profile is a description of the alerts you want to receive. You may create one profile for week days and a different profile for weekends. You can also create different profiles if your morning commute is different from your evening commute. To create a profile, fill in the form below and click Submit/Save at the end of the form. To create additional profiles, click Add New Profile.

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Selecting the Cell Phone option will send the traffic alerts as text messages to your phone. If your cell phone can receive emails, then we suggest you use the email option, not the cell phone (text) option. Receiving the traffic alerts via email on the phone is preferred by most users than receiving them by text.


Each day, the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway generate many alerts. If you have a concern as to how many alerts you will receive, only choose those routes which are most needed.

Before traveling on a route you travel less often, you can always view the day's alerts in real time on our webpage here.

If you are choosing alerts to be sent to your cell phone, limit your choices and know you can have other routes or exits sent to your home or work computer by creating another profile just for those routes.

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Note: 6am-7am does not include 7am. Also, we suggest your starting time should be 30 to 60 minutes before you begin your commute.

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