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You may have one or more alert profiles. A profile is a description of the alerts you want to receive. You may create one profile for week days and a different profile for weekends. You can also create different profiles if your morning commute is different from your evening commute. To create a profile, fill in the form below and click Submit/Save at the end of the form. To create additional profiles, click Add New Profile.
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Selecting the Cell Phone option will send text messages to phone. If you have a mobile phone and can receive emails on the phone then use the email option not the cell phone option. Some carriers like Verizon temporarily block the messages and you may receive alerts hours after they are relevant.

If you have an AOL email address, your emails may be blocked or delayed so you may not receive alerts in real time. We suggest you use our web app (http://hudsontma.org/tasapp) which will run in your browser on your computer or mobile phone.

Please access http://hudsontma.org/tasapp on the device you want to use. iPhone and Android Apps coming soon!
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Each day, the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway generate many alerts. If you have a concern as to how many alerts you will receive, only choose those routes which are most needed.

Before traveling on a route you travel less often, you can always view the day's alerts in real time on our webpage here.

If you are choosing alerts to be sent to your cell phone, limit your choices and know you can have other routes or exits sent to your home or work computer by creating another profile just for those routes.
Please indicate below which route(s) interest you: * (at least one)
New Jersey Routes
3 (US 46 to US 1&9)
4 (NJ 20 to US 9W)
5 (US 1&9 to CR 505)
7 (Charlotte Circle to Cathedral Av/Glendale St)
10 (Ledgewood Traffic Circle to Prospect Av)
12 (River Rd/Second St to NJ 31)
15 (US 46 to US 206/CR 585)
17 (NJ 7/Belleville Turnpike to New York State Line)
18 (Exit 6 - NJ 138 to River Rd)
19 (US 46 to Main St)
20 (US 46/Crooks Av to CR 649)
21 (US 22 to Exit 14 - US 46)
23 (CR 506/CR 577 to NJ 94)
24 (I-287 to I-78)
28 (US 22 to CR 618/NJ 27)
31 (US 202 to US 46)
34 (Garden State Parkway to US 9)
35 (NJ 36 to NJ 27)
53 (US 202 to US 46)
57 (US 22 to NJ 182/CR 517/NJ 24)
62 (US 46 to I-80)
63 (Kennedy Boulevard to US 1&9/US 46)
67 (NJ 5/Central Blvd to US 9W)
70 (NJ 38 to NJ 34/NJ 35)
82 (NJ 124/Springfield Ave to NJ 439/North Av)
94 (US 46 to NJ 15)
120 (NJ 3 to NJ 17)
124 (NJ 24/CR 510/Morristown Green to CR 603)
139 (Tonnelle Avenue to Jersey Ave)
173 (I-78/US 22 to NJ 31/Beaver Av)
175 (NJ 29 to NJ 29)
181 (Espanong Rd to NJ 15)
182 (NJ 57 to US 46)
208 (NJ 4 to US 202)
440 (New Jersey Turnpike/I-287 to US 1&9 Truck Route/Communipaw Av)
495 (New Jersey Turnpike to Lincoln Tunnel)
US Routes
1 (I-295 to US 9)
1&9 (NJ 35 to Newark Liberty International Airport)
1&9 (Newark Liberty International Airport to George Washington Bridge)
9 (CR 615 to US 1 Split)
22 (Old Hwy 28 to I-78)
46 (I-80 to US 1&9)
130 (US 206 to US 1/NJ 171)
202 (US 206/NJ 28 to I-287)
206 (NJ 38/CR 530 to I-80)
78 (Exit 43 - CR 655/Diamond Hill Rd to New Jersey Turnpike Toll Plaza)
80 (Exit 53 - NJ 23/US 46 to Exit 68 - New Jersey Turnpike/I-95)
95 (Exit 1 - NJ 29 to US 1/I-295)
280 (Exit 10 - Northfield Ave/CR 508 to Exit 17 - Harrison Av)
287 (Exit 21 - I-78 to Exit 39 - NJ 10)
287 (Exit 39 - NJ 10 to Exit 52 - NJ 23)
Bridges and Tunnels
Outerbridge Crossing
Bayonne Bridge
Holland Tunnel
George Washington Bridge
Goethals Bridge
Lincoln Tunnel
Path Trains
Turnpike/GSP/Pulaski Skyway
NJ Turnpike (Interchange 8 - NJ 33 to Interchange 14 - I-78/US 1&9)
NJ Turnpike - Western Spur (Interchange 15W - I-280 to Interchange 18W - I-80/US 46/George Washington Bridge)
NJ Turnpike - Eastern Spur (Interchange 15E - US 1&9 to Interchange 18E - I-80/US 46/George Washington Bridge)
Hudson Bay Extension (Interchange 14 - I-78 to Interchange 14C - Toll Plaza)

Garden State Parkway (Toms River Toll Plaza to Exit 129 - New Jersey Turnpike)
Garden State Parkway (Exit 129 - New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 142 - I-78)
Garden State Parkway (Exit 142 - I-78 to New York State Line)

Pulaski Skyway (US 1&9 Truck Route/Raymond Blvd to US 1&9 Truck Route/I-280/NJ 7)
Alert Period
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Note: 6am-7am does not include 7am. Also, we suggest your starting time should be 30 to 60 minutes before you begin your commute.
12am-1am 1am-2am 2am-3am 3am-4am 4am-5am 5am-6am
6am-7am 7am-8am 8am-9am 9am-10am 10am-11am 11am-12pm
12pm-1pm 1pm-2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm 4pm-5pm 5pm-6pm
6pm-7pm 7pm-8pm 8pm-9pm 9pm-10pm 10pm-11pm 11pm-12am

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