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Bike or Walk to Work Print

Bicycling appeals mostly to those who commute five miles or less. Walking attracts those who live less than two miles from work. These commute choices tend to attract fitness-oriented and environmentally-conscious people and are most successful in areas with a flat terrain, sidewalks, little traffic and bicycle-compatible roads.

Employers can promote biking or walking to work by providing:

  • Shower and locker facilities on-site or at a nearby health club
  • Secure bicycle storage, such as racks or lockers
  • Subsidies or discounts on bicycling equipment and services
  • Individual route planning
  • Workshops on bicycle safety and maintenance
  • Bicycle clubs or bike buddy programs

Bicycling and walking to work can provide employees with:

  • Flexible travel time
  • Health advantages from regular exercise
  • Reduced commuting costs
  • Personal satisfaction from supporting an environment-friendly program
  • A quicker commute for employees living nearby

The TMA can:

  • Identify interested employees who live near the workplace
  • Research safe routes and provide personalized route maps
  • Find where to buy and maintain equipment (and possible discounts)
  • Provide tips and general information for use of parks and paths
  • Support your program with Emergency Ride Home programs, bike/walk subsidies, occasional parking, etc.
  • Sponsor safe bicycling workshops and information sessions.
  • Assist in procuring Bike Lockers
  • Provide Scenic Area Bike Maps

Map of County Parks and Walkways

To receive more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss how the TMA can help email or call the TMA at (201) 324-6222.

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